Raiza is an actor & comedian born and raised in the beautiful city of Miami, FL. Raiza received her Bachelors in Theatre Performance at Florida International University. She is the first fully bilingual Latina to be put on a Harold team named DiCaprio. You can catch her performing & hosting every first friday of the month at UCB with her all Latinx team, SPANISH AQUI PRESENTS aka SAP. This is the only all LATINX only variety show at UCB Main Stage. She also performs with her all latinx team GERALDO & her Spanish speaking improv team IMPROVISOS PELIGROSOS! She is working on making her free throws because BALL IS LIFE & is the mother of two beautiful cats, Meow & Muggsy. Lets not forget that she also has a pretty sweet 3 point shot. Raiza would also like to mention that one time she was on MTV's TRL and sat on Puff Daddy's lap while he introduced the next video on the countdown, which happened to be, Enrique Iglesias, "Bailamos"